Tincture of  Propolis: The Natural antibiotic


The word propolis comes from the Greek words ‘προ’ and ‘πολις’, which mean a substance which is placed at the entrance of the city (hive) for the defence of bee-hive.
Propolis is collected by specialized workers, on the hottest days of the day visiting plants, rich in resin, charged and balm substances. Using their jaws they detach it into small pieces from the plants’ eyes. When they process these substances with the use of various excretions of their glands, they place it into baskets of pollen at their back legs. They transfer it to the hive and use it straight to various labors into the hive.

Depending on the chemical composition of pollen, its natural features differ as for the color, aroma, taste and constitution.

Tincture of pollen: features: Bacteriostatic, bacterioctonic,  Anti-mycosis, Anti-inflammation, Analgesic, Anti-acidic, Anesthetic.
Due to its anti-bacterial anti-inflammation features it is recommended:
•    Respiratory system, bronchial asthma, sinusitis, hypertension, arthritis, hemorrhoids, malignant tumor, hepatitis B, prostate, decreases inflammation and risk of thrombosis, prevents cardiovascular disease, cancer and decreases bad cholesterol as well as ulitis, gastric abnormalities, it fights ulcer of duodenum, not only relieving the pain but also improving the procedure of healing.
•    In inside application it cures deep dermatitis, skin mycosis as well as conditions that are developed in people that are laid up for long periods of time.
•    Also with local application, it boosts the rapid cure of wounds.
USE: Used in two methods: by mouth or external application.

BY MOUTH: Recommended to start in small doses (drops) diluted into water or fruit juice.
DOSAGE: According to the doctor’s prescription or as mentioned below:

-2 drops on the 1st day before meal
-4 drops on the 2nd day
-5 drops on the 3rd day
-5 drops on the 1st day
-10 drops on the 2nd day
-20 drops on the 3rd day

EXTERNAL: Tincture of Propolis for local application should be realized instantly on the skin, two or three times a day.

IMPORTANT: Bottles with tincture of Propolis should be kept closed, in cool place, away from light and should be consumed to at most four years from the preparation.

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