Wax ointments


It is the traditional salves used by centuries from our ancestors , contains no chemical or toxic substances , no other additional hardware , is completely pure, natural and traditional .
The beeswax is useful in countless applications , but by itself does not have moisturizing properties . It acts as a water repellent ( such as Vaseline) and protects from external losses and evaporation of skin moisture .
  But when combined with olive oil , created the famous salves , which is the most pure and beneficial you can treat your skin .. For me personally salves should be in each and every home and to be used in each case, instead of ointments trade. Some of the therapeutic properties is against chronic mastitis , eczema , burns , dermatitis . Also , rash , cracks , cuts , muscle pain , fungal infections , chapped lips , massage , acne , dry skin very effective , and many other skin disorders .
Applied all over the body without restriction , is very beneficial.

  Use it with confidence , you can spreading as many times as you want , eg for dry skin , insist on spreading a little to absorb the skin as needed , then wipe off with a tissue and in burns , rash , cracks , cuts , just spread only a slight coating.
   For burns . That kind burns it is, either from sun , or burning of oil, water , etc. , is healing , soothing , and very effective , leaving no scar.

Available in 30 gram jar .


Salves with oil , wax , propolis tincture and essential oil efkaliptou
Salves with oil , wax , propolis tincture and essential oil of Evening Primrose .
Salves with oil , wax , propolis tincture
Salves with ST.JOHNSWORT OIL , wax , propolis tincture