Our family history and the Bees

In 1920, grandfather Georgakis acquires the first baskets bees.
The love for bees is big and the years are difficult, grandfather only produce honey for his family.
One of their sons, John and our father, showing great interest in the art of beekeeping. At a young age, in 1960, the year that creates its own family, decides to deal professionally with beekeeping.
By buying 60 traditional baskets and a horse starts his career in beekeeping.
The struggle is difficult, transferring panniers are tough, but yet within two years he increase his baskets to 300 , at that time he buys the first European hives.
The  passion and love for bees create the conditions for growth in the art of beekeeping and then he buys his first truck to transport the herd.
Meanwhile, his son George grows , and in 1983 fascinated by beekeeping and at age of 18 he announce to his father that he will follow that profession. Father and son progressing along a common dream of raising bee colonies and honey production machinery market. Honey is sweet, bitter struggle ... and the dream comes true ....
Reaching  today we have 1600 Europe hives, a  beekeeping truck, a warehouse to work and modern beekeeping tools of honey production. We transfer our beehives across Greece in search of better conditions, to collect pure products of exceptional quality.
Different types of honey with a rich, velvety taste.
Royal jelly, the richest food in nature.
Pollen varied flowering stimulant product.
Propolis, a natural antibiotic and our natural pure beeswax with which we make decorative wax candles, and derivatives such as salves.
So, as you can understand, carrying a remarkable family tradition in the production of honey, our experiences and knowledge we have gained helps us to meet the needs of our customersto the quality and prices.
You can visit us in Sykia  Halkidiki in winter time, while during the summer you can find us  in beautiful Toroni Halkidiki, where we have built a beautiful traditional honey stand, call it SOURCE OF HONEY.
We will be glad to see you at our place ..

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