Acacia honey

Acacia honey of Halkidiki

The raw honey from the flowers of acacia honey is characterized by open, almost transparent color , light but distinctive aroma and taste quite sweet . Although flower honey not crystallize very quickly because the ratio fructose / glucose .
The Acacia honey is easy to recognize by the bright yellow color and a nice scent of acacia flowers . Honey is considered the highest quality , most appreciated by children, because it has a sweet taste without any special , intense flavor .

The acacia honey soothes the nervous system , cleanses the liver , helps in the treatment of insomnia in respiratory and intestinal function . Recommended for children and seniors and can be consumed by diabetics as it has low sucrose . Ideal to give a special flavor to your drinks .

Available in packages :

  • 3kg jar plastic

  • 950 g glass jar

  • 450 g

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