Chestnut honey Mount Athos


Μέλι καστανιάς Αγίου Όρους.

In blessed chestnut forests of Mount Athos produced one of the best honeys of Greece the kastanomelo . Special and unique for its properties with strong, peppery taste , peculiar flavor , less sweet than other honeys with a bitter aftertaste . The kastanomelo indeed has such an intense flavor that a small proportion can overpower the flavor of other honeys .
Chestnut honey is rich - perhaps most - rich in minerals such as potassium , magnesium , manganese , barium and fructose and tannins because of the chestnut tree . Honey locate this great content pollen ( pollen grains ) which give a very strong taste . This is one of the main advantages of having a strong presence of pollen increases its nutritional value . It has very dark brown color.

Is sweating properties , helps blood circulation and is a very good ' tonic ' .. Additional features include astringent , disinfectant and healing properties particularly useful in the urinary and digestive system providing antimicrobial activity in the intestine . Recommended to those who play sports in the elderly and in those with prostate problems or prostatitis . Can act as an astringent in cases of dysentery .
Is honey made from the nectar of chestnut and honey dew from the . When we want to strengthen the beehives , our go to chestnut . In our country the chestnut honey is unfortunately little known . They know , however, is sought after for its beneficial properties in the Central Europe and Russia .
Crystallize only after long time, 1.5 to 2 years. How quickly will crystallize depends on the ratio of nectar and honeydew . Produced during June - July.

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