Forest Honey


μελι δάσους χαλκιδικής

The harmonious cooperation of bee and forest offers us this unique honey . Collected from honeydew (resin ) produced in the bark of ancient trees of oak ( oak) in combination with a variety of wild herbs of the forest.
The oak tree ( oak) had mythical proportions for the ancient Greeks , and offers a relatively rare for Greek honey .
Transfer the bee colonies in virgin oak forests of Western Macedoniatargeting to harvest this high quality honey.

The dasomelo (the greek name)  characterized as honey with great nutritional value as it contains large amounts of potassium, magnesium , phosphorus , iron and sodium . Enzymes containing strengthen the metabolism and functions of vital organs . It also helps in gastric disorders , flu , to overwork , hemorrhoids . It is one of the most rich in antioxidant properties of honey.
It has a strong aroma , sweet and very smooth taste , characteristic dark color almost black , is one of the most viscous honeys .

Do not forget that the crystallization is characteristic of pure honey : honey of oak  is naturally crystallizes because it can contain nectar from various flowers that are visited by bees , although due to the properties of the crystallized more slowly than other honeys .
Produced in July .

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