Honey and History


The story of a bee ...
Once born knowing the purpose of existence and endlessly and tirelessly working every day for him.

Μέλι και ιστορία

Worker, queen or drone know what to do without being influenced by anyone "factor ..." can even give their lives for the good of the hive and the total, making it one of the finest systems in nature! Do all of us should be an example and to reflect on the purpose of our existence and our participation in this society we have created, which only example not?
A spoonful of honey a day ...
If you were a teenager in ancient Sparta and almost time to finish your hard physical training ( drills ) , what would you do ? He would retire in Taygetos to spend the ... honeymoon . Not to practice on familiar sports of marriage , but to get your body at the peak of its power exclusively nourished with honey . This ancient testimony underlines the great nutritional value , especially when the goddess of youth , Hebe , was served to the Olympian Gods honey ( ragweed ) and mead ( nectar ) .
What we know about the long-lived Hippocrates and strongly recommends the fine Greek honey as a premier youth elixir ?

Therapeutic agent for dozens of diseases (when pure ) and unique sweetness , honey played a huge role in the diet of the ancient Greeks ( and Romans , Egyptians , Assyrians , Indians, Chinese , etc. ) . It was not only a fan of Hippocrates . With him agree Pythagoras (he and his students were the main food , with bread) . So Aristotle and Democritus , who maintained that the people to keep and long-lived immune , should nourish the body with oil externally and internally with honey . Honey was also a key component of food that Circe used to seduce Odysseus and was ... light meal of Pythias , before starting to prophesy .
In the sacred Vedas ( Hindu religious books ) indicated that the drink of the gods was made from honey and was medicinal for all diseases . On the other hand, the Bible states that John the Baptist in the desert fed only with honey and locusts , while the resurrected Jesus with the Apostles synefage fish and honey before Ascension.
The ancient Greeks used honey everywhere . In pies along with oil and garlic sauces with vinegar and spices , muffins , tyropsoma and pastels , while retained and fruit ( eg apples ) in honey . Drank a kind rakomelo or wine with honey . The Byzantines additive in various recipes . In soups , rice , Wheat in small pies . One legend wants the remains of Alexander the Great buried in a glass coffin filled with honey , to preserve until he moved to the burial spot . The antiseptic and antibacterial properties of honey was already known by then.
The ( pure ) honey is never spoils . The oldest discovered honey ( unchanged through the centuries ) from the Pharaoh and eaten wonderful even after 4000 years , as the archaeologists who savored .
Pure honey contains 180 different substances (sugars , minerals , acids, enzymes, proteins , amino acids, healthy bacteria , antioxidants , vitamins A , B, C, E , K and water) in a single composition may be reproduced chemically . It is this composition ensures durability and honey, as it prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi, acting as a natural antibiotic. The crystallization of the ( Candy ) is a natural consequence of the sugars : When slightly warm ( in a bain - marie ) , returns to its original state . Note that the Greek honey has been declared national product and is considered superior energy source . The rich in sunshine and variety of wild flowers, herbs and trees , our country is considered to produce the most aromatic , thick, and rich in minerals and antioxidants honey . The honey in particular ( without penalize the other really wonderful varieties) holds the name of feverfew , while still not discovered the range of therapeutic properties. The thymol containing a phenol with recognized antiseptic properties and makes a first difference between hundreds of types of honey worldwide .

History .

The bee lives on Earth at least 15 million years and is considered one of the oldest residents still exist even today .

It is one of the few species of insects that man tried to take advantage , seeing that we had a financial benefit. This effort of man to tame the bee is not new . There is a cave drawing Bikorp in Spain , at least 15,000 years old , depicting a man trying to get honey from a beehive .

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, used bee products therapeutically.
The Chinese used the bee products therapeutically and there are several recipes for their use , from 200 BC to 1700 AD
1518-1593 Dr Li Shizhen outlines five actions that have honey as a medicine : antipyretic , tonic , detoxifying , analgesic and moisturizing.


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