Saint Philaret, patron of beekeeping


Today we are celebrating on December 1, a day of remembrance of St. Philaret of Eleimonos, lets say a few words:

Saint Philaret was model for each particular virtue of beneficence . He lived in the time of Constantine Porphyrogenitus and his mother Irene of Athens ( 780-797 AD ) . Born in the village amnion (or Lamb ) of Gangra ( Paphlagonia ) from pious parents , George and Anna . He married the pious and three children .
A son , John, and two daughters , who first told Hypatia and second Evanthia . Philaretos was a farmer and his income , generously handing out alms to the poor. Hungry he found ? the sate . nude ? the dressed . Widow and orphan ? helped and comforted .

But God allowed Philaretos once and ended up very poor. The estates of the ripped neighbors and his life were scattered . Endured all these without ever regret or swear or be disgusted . At the end of the left only his colonies , 250 cells , strong and productive.
And when it came to him one poor , not having anything to give him , get him , get hives , trygouse a hive and the honey gave the poor to get enough . In this way either was time to harvest a or was not , eliminated all colonies .

God saw the faith of unrivaled oikonomise with His providence , that Constantine the son of the Queen of Peace , to get his wife the granddaughter of St. Maria , because he was very good in the soul and body. Marriages celebrated Saint Tarasios November 788 AD , who was then Patriarch of Constantinople .

In particular Filaret , the Emperor honored him with the office of Consul (s ) . So was the owner of numerous wealth, who shared more abundant the poor.

Shortly before he died , he called his relatives and said: " My children , do not ever forget the hospitality , not want foreign things , not ever miss the sequences and functions of the Church , and generally as I lived so live and you '. And having said this he collapsed and died with the words : " Thy will be done ."

Saint Philaret is the patron saint of beekeepers.

In celebrants and celebrated, many years and pleasing to God!


Sound c. Divine faith.

Divine faith fortune dieskorpisas per deomenois the affordable thee riches, filarial, compassion and grace his bios, your sponsorship of mercy glorified, Being begged dothinai per ounce in effimousi mercies and divine mercy.

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