Orange Honey


honey from oranges

The Peloponnese , and especially Achaia are famous for its vast orange groves. From the beautiful Halkidiki will transfer our beehives in the Peloponnese where our bees collect the nectar of orange which shows a very aromatic , delicious and light, very light honey . The portokalomelo include the whole aroma of citrus.

It is very nutritious and rich in vitamin C, minerals, which have a high antiseptic action helps inflammations , against cough . The orange honey called Honey of beauty and it is famous for its cosmetic properties and anxiolytic and sedative effect. It is also said that it helps in the treatment of migraine .
A honey like very much to children because of very sweet and aromatic flavor .
The crystallization time ranges usually from a 1-3 months .
Produced during the months of April - May.

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