Sousouras Honey or Ereikis Halkidikis

In the area of ​​Halkidiki, is produced the honey called Sousoura  (Erica manipuliflora). The sousoura is bushy shrub is an excellent beekeepers plant and gives a high nutritional value not only for humans but also for the same bees as it helps to overwinter more easily, since the stronger than any other honey ..
 The Sousoura honey characterized as exceptional nutritional value because of its high content pollen is one of the best options for stimulating the body because it is rich in silicon, boron and barium. Displays antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties with emphasis on the digestive system. Also has the ability to throw the levels of bad cholesterol.
 Particularly tonic for the human body, so it is mainly sold in health food stores. It has very strong taste, characteristic delicate aroma and color in the beginning is greenish - olive green while during the winter becomes dark brown or reddish. For this reason, but mainly for its properties, the discerning consumers they get it  the where ever they find it.

  Collected from September to November (period of very rich flowering plant) but there are many times not produced at all.
Due to the high content of natural glucose, crystallizes very quickly in 1-2 months after the harvest....

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